“My mom’s told me, ever since I was born, that if I kiss my true love, he’ll die.”

Gansey laughed.

Don’t laugh, you—” Blue was going to say bastard but it felt too strong and she lost the nerve.

“Well, it’s just a very precautionary-sounding sort of thing, isn’t it? Don’t date or you’ll go blind. Kiss your true love and he bites it.”

“It’s not just her!” Blue protested. “Every psychic or medium I’ve ever met tells me the same thing. Besides, my mom’s not like that. She wouldn’t just play around with something like that. It’s not pretend.”

“Sorry,” Gansey said, realizing she was genuinely annoyed with him. “I was being a dick again. Do you know how he’s supposed to die, this unlucky guy?”

Blue shrugged.

“Ah. Devil’s in the details, I guess. So you just kiss nobody, in a precautionary way?” He watched her nod. “That seems grim, Jane. I won’t lie.”

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The producers of Star Trek (2009) have stated - including on the audio commentary - that many of the events of the alternate reality could have taken place in the original timeline. Some possible events include:

- a rebellious youth in Iowa
- disciplinary actions for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru
- meeting Spock for the first time because he cheated on his test

James T. Kirk page on Memory-Alpha

Further proof that the writers of New Trek know nothing about James T. Kirk.

- Jim was on Tarsus when he was thirteen years old and came back to Earth when he was seventeen and then went straight to the Academy. Yes, I can totally see how he had time to be a ‘rebellious youth’.

- He got a commendation for ‘original thinking’ from Kobayashi Maru.

- Spock had no part in Kobayashi Maru. He was not in the command-track, so he didn’t take the test and also had no part on programming it. As he says in The Wrath of Khan: "I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now. What do you think of my solution?”

In conclusion: Reboot producers should do their fucking research.

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This is the troubling aspect of the Abrams’ Star Wars reboot. Although he was given full permission and assistance to do so, throwing away canon histories and established characters is a slap in the face to the fan(dom)((base)).

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Some Star Wars posters I made, because why not?

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